Monday, November 7, 2011

"América" by João Nuno Pinto - AFI European Union Film Showcase 2011 Nov.3-22

"Russian immigrant Lisa and her Portuguese husband, small-time crook Fernando, decide to take advantage of the wave of immigrants and turn their house in Copa do Vapor, Portugal, into a halfway home. To Lisa's dismay, Fernando's ex-wife is behind the scam and sets up a gang of misfits to falsify passports for illegals from Russia and Africa. But when a Russian orthopedic surgeon seeking documentation shows up, Lisa sees him as a way out of her rapidly deteriorating life. A noirish take on the American dream in Europe, this darkly hilarious film marks an impressive debut feature from filmmaker João Nuno Pinto."

DIR/SCR João Nuno Pinto
SCR Luísa Costa Gomes,
In Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Creole with English subtitles.


Thu, Nov 10, 4:45, 9:25; Fri, Nov 11, 2:00

More Information about this Festival here.