Friday, September 3, 2010

Palestra de Carlos Buby, 8/9, 12pm - Georgetown University (ICC 450)

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese &
The Brazilian Studies Program at Georgetown University

invite you to a lecture by Carlos Buby

Babalorixá of Templo Guaracy do Brasil (Umbanda)

"Afro-Brazilian Spirituality in our Contemporary World"

BABALORIXÁ CARLOS BUBY: After a successful start as a singer and composer of Brazilian popular music, Carlos Buby turned to the Tradition of Umbanda in search for existential and spiritual answers. Deep researcher of natural phenomena, Carlos Buby founded Templo Guaracy in 1973, an Umbanda Temple that quickly became a reference in the Tradition. Today Templo Guaracy is present not only in Brazil, but in 7 other countries of Europe and North America (Portugal,France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and California, New York, Washington and Canada.) Throughout those years, Carlos Buby developed a cosmogonical model based on the Afro-Brazilian roots, which brings light in understanding the dynamics of life on Earth. Recently he also consolidated the principles that gave rise to the Guaracyan Philosophy, using a humanist, universal, apolitical and non-religious approach.

Wednesday, September 08th, 2010
ICC 450

Georgetown University, 37th & O Streets, NW
Washington, DC